Trouble with AC97 on T20

I tested the application vcsharp_adc_demo on T20 module (WEC7)
but when you start, give me error in console “Could not initalize Codec”
I added a button that executes “Ac97Init ()”, and after several attempts the application starts and is OK
Is there anyone who can give me directions on how How can I solve the problem?

I am unable to find where to download ac97 tweak to check the codec, where can I download it?

Thanks in advance

Could it be you are not using the latest library version as well as the latest image? We did some modifications on the touch as well as audio driver. Both use the ADC chip which can lead to such a behavior.

As you mentioned, you could also use the AC97 tweak for and check if the codec in general works fine. The tool you get from here.

Ok thanks Samuel
I substituted in the project the actual ADlib.Dll with more recent ADClib_Dll.dll and now works fine.

But now it appeared another small problem, before changing the .dll was copied to the target during the deployment, now just copy the exe file and I need to copy the dll manually.

Any suggestions ?

If you rename the new DLL to the old one and place at the same location, it should also deploy this one. On the other hand you could also update the “additional files” settings from your project. See also this MSDN documentation.