Trim down reference multimedia image


Having intermediate experience with yocto build, I successfully built the reference multimedia image

Our use case does not require v4l2 gstreamer tpm and similar packages and other image features

So I modified the local.conf as below:

# Specify additional features for the distribution
DISTRO_FEATURES = " opengl gles2"
DISTRO_FEATURES:remove: = " tpm tpm2"
PACKAGECONFIG:remove:pn-tdx-reference-multimedia-image = "gstreamer v4l-utils mime-support tpm2-tdx-cli"

# Include additional packages in the image
IMAGE_INSTALL = " libgpiod libgpiod-dev"

But I faced bitbake error (tried clean build of reference image
bitbake_failed.log (5.8 KB)

Can you please help me in removing other heavy features from reference-multimedia-image?
Else I am also open for suggestions with adding Qt and Graphics on top of minimal-image

What we require:
openGL (egl2 or egl3 might be required later)
Basic Linux utilities for development purposes

What we don’t require:
v4l gstreamer tdx-demos vnc, other heavy features and packages that can trim the image

Apalis imx6q
Ixora 1.2A carrier
Ubuntu 22.04 host
BB version 2.0
kirkstone 6.6.0 (upstream)

Please support me at earliest!

bitbake_failed.log (5.8 KB)

local.conf (13.7 KB)

Hi @Eshwar01,

Thanks for sending detailed question, we checked your error logs and seems like you are facing similar issue as mentioned in below post. Please check for more details.

Ideally we one should generate their own custom image. We are already providing reference image recipe which can be used for reference.
Please take a look at below link

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar