Transparences Armstrong Linux, Compton

Hi all,
I need to configure LXDE so that my windows will support transparencies.
I have read that to do this it is necessary to use other programs, so I wanted to try to install “compton” but I don’t know exactly where to find it and what procedure to use to install it. Does anyone know where it is possible to find it and have a guide to install it?

Thank you

Hello Gianluca

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Compton is not included in our regular Toradex Build, you can do the OpenEmbedded and include Compton yourself.

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Hi Jaski.tx,
thank for the reply.

There are any other programs that enable transparency? I don’t have to use “Compton”, I wrote it because I know it.

I’m developing an application with Qt and I need to have the transparent background in the buttons.


Dear Gianluca,

take into account that the LXDE Window Manager has nothing to do with you developing a Qt application that has dialogs/windows with transparency, since this are just adjusted during programming as an opacity value. I mean, you can use the default Window manager and have your transparent windows in your Qt app.

Hi Alvaro,

So it would be a problem of Qt? Because when I enter the transparency in the button on a normal linux it works without problems

thanks for the reply

I’m unsure if you tried this in our systems or not. AFAIK it shouldn’t be an issue since Qt uses their own C++ based widgets system for windows.

Take into account that in order to add Qt to Toradex images you will have to generate an image from Yocto with Qt libraries added:

Thans for the reply.

I think there must be some bug with Qt.
Thanks for the suggestions

You are welcome. What exactly is not working in Qt? Which version of Qt are you using?