Tradex Easy Installer 5.3.0

Dear Tradex support team,

Curently Tradex Easy Installer version is 5.3.0 and previous version is 1.8.
Could you let me konw the detail difference between 5.3.0 and 1.8, because of the version number is much different.
-Function, - Usage…etc.

If it is already available on web site or document, please let me know the link.

Best regards,

Hi @K.Tomo , please check the following links:

Please note that the versioning of Toradex Easy Installer was: 1.8 → 2 → 5.3.0.

This is because starting with 5.3.0 we synchronized it with the rest of the BSP we use in our Linux offering and start rolling out our different Nightly/Monthly/Quarterly versions. Sorry for the confusion with the big number change!

Kind regards,