Touchscreen compatibility with iMX6ULL

Hi! I am interested in using this capacitive touchscreen with the iMX6ULL SoM. It has the Unified Display Interface (18 bit RGB).

Considering that I will make all the necessary adaptions regarding the touch ribbon (because the pinout is not the same as that on the carrier board - see IF2 pinout at page 18 of the display’s datasheet), then will the touch interface work with the iMX6ULL SoM? Are there any software configurations required? (for video I’ve read here that I should make the proper device tree changes and add the needed timings settings).

I am asking to avoid buying the display and noticing afterwards that I cannot use it.

From a display point of view I can’t see any troubles. Just adjust parameters in a device tree. Touch interface is another store. There are a lots of different touch controllers with different protocols. Each requires its own driver Most likely driver is exist already but you need to ask Display Manufacturers what exactly touch IC they are using and if it’s compatible with some others. In worst case you can create your own driver based on spec provided at datasheet.

UPD. I’ve found that touch IC is FT5406. It’s driver present in our kernel tree though not configured. You need to modify TOUCHSCREEN_EDT_FT5X06 at Config and re-compile a kernel.

Thank you.

You are welcome.