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My question would be: the majority of the toradex tools, like ConfigBlockEditor and GPIOConfig, allows both reading and writing the settings they manage, and a read operation is performed when the tool is launched, so you can immediately read the settings as they are in the module you are using (correct me if I’m wrong).
Does the touch tweak work the same way? it is not clear to me.

A bit of context: we are moving our customization from the previous T20 V1.2A to the V1.2B, and I’m trying to recollect all of them. We have a doc that lists them, I’m not sure if it is complete, so I’m looking for missing customization by comparing a two T20 1.2A, one with our custom image on it, and the other with the toradex image (same BSP version, WEC7 2.1).

What I can observe, is that launching TouchTweak on both modules results in looking at the same settings, so either:

  • The tool does not read and show the settings of the module when launched, so I have to rely on our own ambiguous documentation and hope I pick the correct settings;
  • The tool does read and show them, so I can conclude that what I see there reflects the actual settings, and my documentation is wrong/outdated;

Thank you.

Colibri T20 256MB V1.2A / V1.2B
Custom board
WEC7 BSP 2.1

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The TouchTweak tool, similar to other configuration tools provided by Toradex, is designed to read and display the current touch screen settings from the module upon launch. This means that when you open the TouchTweak tool on your Colibri T20 module, it should display the current configuration settings that are active on the device. This functionality allows you to immediately see and assess the touch screen settings without having to dig through documentation or source code.

Given your context of moving customizations from a T20 V1.2A to a V1.2B module and comparing settings between modules with different images, if you observe the same settings on both modules after launching the TouchTweak tool, it indicates that the tool is indeed reading and displaying the current settings from each module. Therefore, if there is a discrepancy between what you see in the TouchTweak tool and your documentation, it is likely that the documentation may be outdated or incorrect regarding the touch settings.

It’s important to ensure that any customizations or settings adjustments are accurately reflected in your documentation to avoid confusion during such transitions or updates. The TouchTweak tool can be a reliable source for verifying the current touch configuration directly from the module’s settings.

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Hi @EnricoPompeiani ,

Unfortunately the TouchTweak Tool is very old and was intended only for our PXA Modules.
It will not work correctly on T20.
But what you can do to find out the settings you changed compared to the original Registry is to export the registry from the master module (Local_machine and current_user should be enough), then do the same on a clean module with the same Image version (no registry saved) and then compare the 2 .reg files. That will give you all the changes that have been done.
Maybe some manual cleanup will be nedded as some changes will be irrelevant
This is the way i have done it in past for customer that did not keep their changes in a .reg file.
Hope this helps.