Touch Screen Calibration Colibri imx6 in console-trdx-image


I don’t find any information to calibrate the touch screen in console-trdx-image for a Colibri iMX6.
( not applicable for Colibri iMX6): Can’t find xinput_calibrator application in console-trdx-image.
I calibrated the touch screen when I tried angstrom-lxde-image but now I work with console-trdx-image and the axis are inverted: To receive touch coordinate near 0,0, I must touch the bottom right corner of the screen

Does that mean that nothing is provided from Toradex to use with console-trdx-image?
Does GitHub - tias/xinput_calibrator: A generic touchscreen calibration program for X.Org is a good starting point to see example of code to write in my app to add a calibration fonctionality?


On console only image there are no X components deployed, may be you can add them in the recipe.


IMAGE_INSTALL_append_imx6 = " ${XSERVER} xterm xclock xinput-calibrator"


Use tslib instead.


IMAGE_INSTALL_append_imx6 = " \
		tslib \
		tslib-calibrate \
		tslib-tests \
		tslib-conf "

For quick tesing on can also install tslib via opkg package manager.

# opkg update
# opkg install tslib-calibrate tslib-config tslib-tests

I didn’t think that the ‘x’ of xinput is for X Window System. Sorry!
For this reason, tslib is a better choice in my case.
For user who want to do the same thing:
In local.conf, I changed:

IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " \
		qtbase qtbase-fonts \
		qtbase-plugins \
		cinematicexperience \
		tslib-conf \
		tslib-tests \
		tslib-calibrate \
		tslib "

On the target use “ts_calibrate” and “ts_test” to check calibration(in /usr/bin)

But in Qt, the axis coodinates of the touchscreen was always inverted.
To solve this issue, I added in /etc/environment


Useful links:

Qt5 for Embedded Linux

Qt5 run time environment and input configuration

@colmx Thanks! for the update. May be you can also refer this discussion regarding the usage of tslib with Qt.