Touch not working on this combo -> Aster board+imx7d+7" Lcd+ qt5.15.0

Hi There,

I am trying to bring-up the touch feature for this combo Aster board+imx7d+7" Lcd+ qt5.15.0

  1. I have changed the imx7-colibri-aster.dtsi file and I disabled PWM2&3 . Enabled touch feature as per the guide lines from toradex websites.

  2. As a part of tezi build I could able to push the device tree blob. the imx7-colibri-emmc-aster.dtb

  3. Through modprobe the atmel-ts driver too inserted as module.

  4. I used I2c tools to find the device address that was 0x4A.

  5. I could see the dmesg log as below.

    [ 4.562359] atmel_mxt_ts 3-004a: Family: 164 Variant: 11 Firmware V1.2.AA Objects: 41
    [ 4.808545] atmel_mxt_ts 3-004a: Resetting device
    [ 5.028017] atmel_mxt_ts 3-004a: Touchscreen size X799Y479

  6. Also tried , mxt-app to load the config to lcd tocuh. Found this step from dev community.

But the ebike sample qt app not responding to touch. Please help to fix!

P.S: The I2C ribbon cable has to be connected with Aster board exactly opposite to the guideline from toradex.
So that the actual signal closes. I2C sda&scl and able to recognize by mxt_app.

Dear Jack,

Can you please provide more details on software and hardware used here

Image name, BSP version ?
Which lcd are you testing with ?

Best Regards

Ritesh Kumar

Hi Ritesh Kumar,
Please find the details

Carrier board = Aster
BSP Version = 3
LCD = Toradex 7" Capacitive with atmel mxt touch controller
SOM = Colibri-imx7d-emmc
Image = b2qt-embedded-qt5-image

Hi Jack,

Can you please try with our latest BSP which is BSP 5.xx

From the below link, you can download the latest image-based on BSP 5. I would also recommend you to test with our reference BSP Linux Reference Multimedia which is maintained by Toradex directly.

If you want to test further you may check for the nightly build from below

Let me know if you have any queries.

Best Regards

Ritesh Kumar