Touch behaves strange on [12111000] Capacitive Touch Display 7" Parallel V1.0A using Linux

I’m using the Capacitive Touch Display 7" Parallel V1.0A touch screen but cannot get the touch feature working correctly even though I follow the First Steps instructions on the website. Touch works on boot but doesn’t recognize any touches after some time.

Small number of early devices were shipped with improper configuration.
We’ve created a archive with the proper configuration and a flashing utility that can be downloaded here

Unpack the archive on the module and run this command:

./mxt-app -d i2c-dev:N-004a --load LTCTP070-3-GG_mXT1066T2_tdx_20170911.xcfg

Where N depends on the modules type:

  • Colibri IMX7: N = 3
  • Colibri IMX6: N = 2
  • Colibri IMX6ULL N = 0
  • Colibri T30: N = 1
  • Colibri T20: N = 0
  • Colibri VF: N = 0
  • Apalis IMX6 N = 1
  • Apalis T30: N = 0

after power cycling the board touch should work without issues and new config should be persistent across power-cycles and module changes.

Dear @dominik.tx

Can you please confirm that how to run the command i.e. by command prompt of VF50 by keeping the files in the Flash Disk or from Terminal during boot by keeping the files in the SD Card.
I tried by keeping the files in FlashDisk and run the command by command prompt. It results in message:“Don’t know how to execute ./mxt-app”

What exact hardware and software versions of things are you talking about?

You may have noticed that this is an Embedded Linux question and this mxt-app utility definitely won’t work on WinCE. Please ask a new question stating explicitly what exactly you are experiencing and that you are using WinCE. Thanks!

Viola v1.2, wince 6, Vf50, Capacitive touch display 7"

Mania originaly asked in the WinCe space

We referred him to this article, because there is no similar tool under WinCe…

Regards, Andy

OK, but then he will need to first install Embedded Linux onto his module e.g. as stated here, subsequently do the mxt-app dance to fix his capacitive touch screen and at the end re-install WinCE again, right? Did you tell him that?

Yes, we did.