TorizonCore Builder

I’m experimenting with TorizonCore Builder. i’m trying to apply a device tree as shown in the picture. Compilation terminated because of “No Such File or Directory”. I did verify the path and file are correct and there. Any ideas on why the file cannot be found?


alt text

Greetings @CEK,

I believe you might be over-complicating things a bit. From your “TorizonCoreBuild” directory run:
torizoncore-builder dt apply ./devices-trees/dts-arm64/imx8qxp-colibri-lvds-single-eval-v3.dts

By default the tool will already include the device-trees/include directory.

Also as a word of warning, whenever you execute TorizonCore Builder it can only “see” directories/files that are in the directory where you ran the setup script for the tool. To avoid confusion I’d suggest only executing TorizonCore Builder commands form the directory where you ran the setup.

Which is why at the start I suggest to execute dt apply from your TorizonCoreBuild directory. That way both the device tree and include files are in child directories, if that makes sense.

Best Regards,