TorizonCore Builder /var/lib


i am trying to use TorizonCore-Builder to create a base image for me and my colleges to work with during development.

One of the requirements is to setup a application data directory. As for the Filesystem Hierarchy under linux i want o use the ‘/var/lib’ for this. I created a tcbuild.yaml and added the filesystem to achive this.


    - appdata

    local: output
    branch: image
    commit-subject: Image


├── appdata
│   └── var
│       └── lib
│           └── AppData
└── tcbuild.yaml

When i build the image everything seams fine

=>> Handling input section
Fetching URL '' into '/tmp/torizon-core-docker-colibri-imx8x-Tezi_6.3.0-devel-202306+build.8.tar'

Download Complete!
Downloaded file name: '/tmp/torizon-core-docker-colibri-imx8x-Tezi_6.3.0-devel-202306+build.8.tar'
No integrity check performed because checksum was not specified.
Unpacking Toradex Easy Installer image.
Copying Toradex Easy Installer image.
Unpacking TorizonCore Toradex Easy Installer image.
Importing OSTree revision 6c5ba030cf90f0ee46198f4fed7bb5b5979ea284d8aa02d1c1b2b13c56301941 from local repository...
940 metadata, 9191 content objects imported; 574.5 MB content written
Unpacked OSTree from Toradex Easy Installer image:
  Commit checksum: 6c5ba030cf90f0ee46198f4fed7bb5b5979ea284d8aa02d1c1b2b13c56301941
  TorizonCore Version: 6.3.0-devel-202306+build.8

=>> Handling customization section

=>> Handling output section
Applying changes from WORKDIR/appdata.
Commit ecb190680cb06002ca466312c22907983e5d9822dcf822513fdbb6b8b4e73957 has been generated for changes and is ready to be deployed.
Pulling OSTree with ref image from local archive repository...
  Commit checksum: ecb190680cb06002ca466312c22907983e5d9822dcf822513fdbb6b8b4e73957
  TorizonCore Version: 6.3.0-devel-202306+build.8-tcbuilder.20230627064842
  Default kernel arguments: quiet logo.nologo vt.global_cursor_default=0 plymouth.ignore-serial-consoles splash fbcon=map:3

941 metadata, 9191 content objects imported; 574.5 MB content written
Pulling done.
Deploying OSTree with checksum ecb190680cb06002ca466312c22907983e5d9822dcf822513fdbb6b8b4e73957
Deploying done.
Copy files not under OSTree control from original deployment.
Packing rootfs...
Packing rootfs done.
Updating TorizonCore image in place.

=>> Build command successfully executed!
Deploying commit ref: image

Also deploying works without an error

Pulling OSTree with ref image (checksum ecb190680cb06002ca466312c22907983e5d9822dcf822513fdbb6b8b4e73957) from local archive repository...
Starting http server to serve OSTree.
OSTree server listening on "localhost:45509".
Starting OSTree pull on the device...
Deploying new OSTree on the device...
Deploying successfully finished.
Please reboot the device to boot into the new deployment.

I reboot the board but i cannot find the directory that should be created → /var/lib/AppData

Is there something i am doing wrong?

Best Regards

Hello @SimonBaur ,

Unfortunately what you are trying to achieve is not possible with TorizonCore builder.

Since the update system is based on OSTree, you should read this documentation:

As an alternative you could use /etc/var/lib/AppData

These articles in the developer webpage might help you:

Best regards,

Hello @SimonBaur ,
Are there any updates on this topic? Were you able to solve your issue?

Best regards,

Hallo @josep.tx,

yes it did. Thanks

Best Regards