Torizoncore-builder: don't know how to handle a major version of 6

I started setting up torizoncore-builder on Ubuntu 22.04 machine following this document and this one using toradex-feed:

I can handle TorizonCore images (as an example version: "5.7.0") but if I configure the new TorizonCore 6 (as an example version: "6.1.0") I get the error

=>> Handling inpiut section
Error: Don't know how to handle a major version of 6

Isn’t this supported?

EDIT: if I specify remote: and the full link to a 6.1.0 release, it works.

Greetings @vix,

It seems there’s an issue with the toradex-feed field where we forgot to add compatibility for 6.X.Y images. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’ll notify the team of this so they can work on a fix.

Best Regards,