TorizonCore Builder detailed instructions


I just started playing around with torizon-core-builder and successfully deployed custom images on my Verdin.
I was wondering is there a way to access local archive repository ?

For example I tried to find way to print name of the current branch i just build or show image commit history, but torizon-core-builder documentation is scarce.

Are there some detailed instructions for torizon-core-builder ?

Greetings @spasoye,

This is our most comprehensive documentation on the Torizon Core Builder Tool: TorizonCore Builder Tool - Customizing TorizonCore Images | Toradex Developer Center

Currently we don’t have a way for a user to directly work with the the OSTree archive. The OSTree repo/archive is by default stored in a Docker volume named “storage”. Which should be located locally on your machine in the usual location Docker volumes are stored. I’ll bring up your suggestion about creating a command/interface to see more of the versioning history of the OSTree.

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