TorizonCore Builder 6.1.0 support

I’m new to TorizonCore Builder, but I have some fundamental problems.
I try to follow the the guide to customize and image: TorizonCore Builder Tool - Customizing TorizonCore Images | Toradex Developer Center

I selected the Latest Monthly Release for iMX8MP with PREEMT_RT as an input image.
I could add a kernel module, but I’m quite sure it uses gcc-9.3 to compile it and it should be gcc version 11.3 which is used by BSP 6.

The image works to deploy on the platform nonetheless.

But when I try to edit the devicetree I get in to big problems.
When I use the command “torizoncore-builder dt checkout --update” it responds “Branch name toradex_5.15-2.1.x-imx does not exist in upstream repository.”

And when I try to deploy the image it get stuck at bootup, for me this indicates that the torizoncore-builder does not support the BSP 6.1.0 that is used in the latest images available.

I’ve tried with “source -a remote” and “source -t early-access” but it doesn’t matter.

Is there another source to download a later version of


Greetings @bjoern_kpcs,

There are some known issues with regards to using TorizonCore Builder on 6.X.Y images at the moment. The team is still identifying such compatibility issues and will be working on this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,