TorizonCore 5.1.0

Using Easy Installer, I updated to “TorizonCore with eval containers for V1.0B HW 5.1.0-devel-202011+build.4.Container (2020-11-06)”. The installation appears successful.

When I restart the Colibri the debug serial out put gets to “Starting kernel …” then nothing happens after that.

Why does the kernel fail starting?


Greetings @CEK,

This is unexpected, my module with that same image doesn’t seem to have an issue.

Just to confirm you’re sure you’re using a 1.0B Colibri i.MX8X correct? Furthermore did you make sure to install the Torizon image that is marked for the 1.0B modules?

Another possibility is that you may have an older Colibri i.MX8X that does not have the proper fuse values to be compatible with our latest images. In this case please reference the highlighted answer on this question here:

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Well, i followed the reference regarding proper fuse values and i can only conclude my module is bricked beyond repair. I can boot in recovery mode and can download TorizonCore and Qt. But when i restart nothing happens, nothing from the serial debug.

Is there anything else i can try?

I’m disappointed

Wait so now the situation worsened? No matter what image is flashed now you get nothing out of serial?

Just to be clear, it sounds like you’re still able to put the device into recovery mode and load Toradex Easy Installer? If it can still run Toradex Easy Installer then the module might not be actually bricked then.

Also after referencing the other community post I linked did you or did you not set any fuse values? As per the reference post you only needed to set fuse values if fuse read 0 765 returned all 0’s.

Alright since it sounds like Toradex Easy Installer is still working what happens if you flash Toradex Easy Installer to the eMMC? Does the device still boot after that?

If it seems like your device is truly bricked though, we can arrange an RMA and discuss options since the 1.0B is based on older silicon at this point.

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I was able to boot in recovery mode and I flashed Toradex Easy Installer. I got the indication that Toradex Easy Installer successfully installed.

When I restarted nothing came from the serial port.

Before changing the fuse values the other day I verified that all 0’s were returned when i issued command “fuse read 0 765”. Previous to that it seemed i could reboot with the Qt demo installed (using Easy Installer) but the unit would not reboot all the way with the latest Torizon 5.1.0 installed.

What are the other options?

I appreciate your help with this, Toradex is very responsive to customer issues

Given the information you provided it seems likely that there’s a possible hardware-based fault here. After further thought and internal discussion it would probably be more timely to simply replace your 1.0B module.

Our sales team should be in contact with you soon about this. Hopefully we can send you a more up-to-date 1.0D with more stable silicon.

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