Torizon wifi mlan0 or wlp1s0 devices

on the im8 device i have noticed some times when i reboot i have an mlan0 device that is connected to the wifi network and sometimes its wlp1s0 device. when the wlp1s0 device is connected than the mlan0 device doesnt show up under ifconfig or nmcli command. any way to get it to stick to one device name?

The torizon release version TorizonCore 4.0.0-devel-202007+build.17

the only way i have seen it happen is after a cold power of the board. i am running it on the ixora carrier board. see attached files

regarding wifi configuration i only added connection to my wifi network

Greetings @nkj,

Can you also please provide the release of Torizon that you are running (the output of cat /etc/issue on the device).

On initial inspection this issue seems similar to another issue observed on the i.MX8X. Where the network interfaces were not consistent when rebooting. Though this issue was observed when configuring the WiFI interface as an access point.

When you encountered this issue did you change any network/wifi configurations from the default? I’d appreciate if you could give me steps to reproduce so I can investigate/confirm this issue on my end.

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Well good news I was able to recreate this issue, though I’m still not sure what is causing it. During my investigation for the most part on boot my device was connecting to wlp1s0, and very rarely it connected to mlan0. Was this the case for you also? It might just be luck on my end to be honest, since this bug seems inconsistent at best.

In any case thanks for reporting this, I’ll report this back to the team to investigate in depth and possibly work on a fix for future releases/versions if possible.

In the meantime please feel free to report any more information you find about this bug here. This is appreciated as it helps us with fixing this.

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Hi @nkj,

After digging more internally it turns out this was a known bug and was already fixed. However it was fixed after the release you are using (July release). The August release (which has the fix) can be flashed by using our Toradex Easy Installer. In the Installer UI open the feeds menu and enable our CI/CD feeds (the 3rd option). After a bit of time the UI should reload with all the additional images.

Scroll down a bit and you should find the August monthly release by this name: TorizonCore 4.0.0-devel-202008+build.21.container

Let me know if you have any issues installing or if the bug is still there in the more recent release. Though I did a quick check and it seems fixed on my side.

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I installed the container on first boot the device is still mlan0 and when i connected to wifi with it i get this
Device ‘mlan0’ successfully activated with ‘609b6b62-3e7a-433f-b31d-efb83ce21b15’.
this is the release i have TorizonCore 4.0.0-devel-202008+build.21 \n \l

should the default be mlan0 or wlp1s0 ?

I believe we set it so that mlan0 is the default WiFi network interface.

since upgrading to the suggest torizoncore problem doesn’t seem to occur.

on related note when i do
nmcli dev wifi list i get two tables. when i do nmcli dev wifi list ifname mlan0 then only one table appears

Glad we were able to resolve this.

Hmm interesting, does this cause any issues for you?

not for the moment. i am guessing the uap0 device is listing that. i do have both the antennas connected but i dont think it should be because of that as typically the second antenna is for diversity.

Yeah you are right. Thanks for your feedback.

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