Torizon wayland on 10inch LVDS


I’m trying to implement a UI demo on Torizon using VS code.
Using the device tree overlay I was able to get output on the LVDS 10" display, but as soon as docker and weston-vivante:2 come up, the output is on HDMI only.

How can I display a QML application full screen on the LVDS only? I’d not even need weston desktop…

Hope anybody can help!


One thing I found out:

both displays are used when using the command described here:

the default torizon_weston_1 container doesn’t activate the LVDS display.

Greetings @WPirkl,

Just to confirm that I understand your situation. So you have two displays a LVDS and HDMI. You’re developing a QML-based application. But when you run it, it runs on the wrong display. Correct?

First of all, do you need the HDMI display at all? Or just the LVDS display? What happens if you run your UI with only the LVDS display attached? Or is this a case where you need both displays attached?

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Yes, it runs on HDMI always.

Ideally, both HDMI and LVDS should be used. I didn’t try with only LVDS attached.

The default container only runs on HDMI, never on LVDS.

I did some research and there seems to be a property in Qt QML to specify the screen association with the QML app.

Info on property here:

Could you give this a try and see if it helps?

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