Torizon VS Code Extension v2 (ApolloX) - Docker compose is not installed

I installed Torizon VS Code Extension v2 (ApolloX) on my Ubuntu 22.04.
I installed Docker and Docker compose.
I verified with docker compose version command and I get
Docker Compose version v2.14.1
But when I open VS Code and I click on “ApolloX Torizon” icon, I ge the following messages from Torizon VS Code Extension v2 (ApolloX)

[12-19 10:56:55.327] Activating ApolloX Torizon ...
[12-19 10:56:55.327] Resolving host IP address ...
[12-19 10:56:55.460] Host IP address OK
[12-19 10:56:55.475] Docker installed OK
[12-19 10:56:55.526] Docker running OK
[12-19 10:56:55.537] ERROR :: Docker compose is not installed. Please install Docker compose
[12-19 10:56:55.550] PowerShell OK
[12-19 10:56:55.567] git OK
[12-19 10:56:55.622] avahi-resolve OK
[12-19 10:56:55.674] nmap OK
[12-19 10:56:55.695] iputils-ping OK
[12-19 10:56:55.707] file OK
[12-19 10:56:55.708] Cloning project templates
[12-19 10:56:56.860] Project templates updated
[12-19 10:56:56.861] Checking connected devices ...
[12-19 10:56:56.861] Scanning Torizon devices ...
[12-19 10:56:57.322] ERROR :: Errors during the initialization of ApolloX Torizon Extension.
[12-19 10:56:57.322] HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!
[12-19 10:56:57.322] PLEASE READ THE LOGS!
[12-19 10:56:57.323] No device selected as default
[12-19 10:56:57.323] Please select a registered device as default device
[12-19 10:56:59.793] Debian packages list load OK

Hi @vix !

If I understood correctly, Docker now has the Docker Compose Plugin. This allows you to use compose as a subcommand of the docker command. We can see that from your docker compose version command.

But, I guess that our extension doesn’t support it yet. So, could you please try to install the standalone Docker Compose? This one is used like docker-compose --version (with a - between docker and compose).

Best regards.

You’re right.
I confirm that it’s necessary to install the standalone Docker Compose.

Hi @vix !

So, was the issue solved?

Yes, I accepted your answer as solution

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It’s June 2023 and this is still an issue with TorizonCore 6.2.0+build.2 (kirkstone)
It’s funny that this wasn’t an issue with whatever OS version the board comes from factory.

@vix how did you manage to overwrite the docker-compose file in /usr/bin? Here it’s complaining Warning: Failed to create the file /usr/bin/docker-compose: Read-only file

If I try chmod to allow to write I get chmod: changing permissions of '/usr/bin/docker-compose': Read-only file system

Hi @jvieira,

the issue originally reported by @vix is that one of our checks for the host tools was misaligned with the way Docker Compose currently ships. That means you have to update the compose utility in your development computer (the host), not within TorizonCore.

If you’re experiencing the same issue, please follow one of the installation methods to install Compose as a plugin from the official Docker Compose documentation: Overview | Docker Documentation

Best regards,

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Thanks for making it more clear now Leon. In my case all I needed to do was to start running docker desktop on the host.

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No problem, glad I was able to help! :smile: