Torizon VS Code Extension v2 (ApolloX) - Docker compose is not installed

I installed Torizon VS Code Extension v2 (ApolloX) on my Ubuntu 22.04.
I installed Docker and Docker compose.
I verified with docker compose version command and I get
Docker Compose version v2.14.1
But when I open VS Code and I click on “ApolloX Torizon” icon, I ge the following messages from Torizon VS Code Extension v2 (ApolloX)

[12-19 10:56:55.327] Activating ApolloX Torizon ...
[12-19 10:56:55.327] Resolving host IP address ...
[12-19 10:56:55.460] Host IP address OK
[12-19 10:56:55.475] Docker installed OK
[12-19 10:56:55.526] Docker running OK
[12-19 10:56:55.537] ERROR :: Docker compose is not installed. Please install Docker compose
[12-19 10:56:55.550] PowerShell OK
[12-19 10:56:55.567] git OK
[12-19 10:56:55.622] avahi-resolve OK
[12-19 10:56:55.674] nmap OK
[12-19 10:56:55.695] iputils-ping OK
[12-19 10:56:55.707] file OK
[12-19 10:56:55.708] Cloning project templates
[12-19 10:56:56.860] Project templates updated
[12-19 10:56:56.861] Checking connected devices ...
[12-19 10:56:56.861] Scanning Torizon devices ...
[12-19 10:56:57.322] ERROR :: Errors during the initialization of ApolloX Torizon Extension.
[12-19 10:56:57.322] HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!
[12-19 10:56:57.322] PLEASE READ THE LOGS!
[12-19 10:56:57.323] No device selected as default
[12-19 10:56:57.323] Please select a registered device as default device
[12-19 10:56:59.793] Debian packages list load OK

Hi @vix !

If I understood correctly, Docker now has the Docker Compose Plugin. This allows you to use compose as a subcommand of the docker command. We can see that from your docker compose version command.

But, I guess that our extension doesn’t support it yet. So, could you please try to install the standalone Docker Compose? This one is used like docker-compose --version (with a - between docker and compose).

Best regards.

You’re right.
I confirm that it’s necessary to install the standalone Docker Compose.

Hi @vix !

So, was the issue solved?

Yes, I accepted your answer as solution

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