Torizon VisualStudio extension doesn't like having a root password set in container

I wanted to be able to use SSH to directly connect to the container in my module without having to SSH to the TorizonCore OS first, then use docker to open a bash prompt in the container from there. My motivation is to be able to connect directly with SSH and use X forwarding.

The root password in the container is blank be default so I added a password and was then able to connect with SSH. However, the VisualStudio extension seems to expect that the container root account has no password and it cannot connect to the module and download code.

I did find a workaround for this, which is just to create a new account on the module and then use that account to account with SSH. Doing it that way lets me leave the root password blank, but it would still be useful to know if there is a way to set a root password and still have Visual Studio be able to connect to the module.

The debug image uses SSH keys to connect, it does not require a password at all. The keys are generated when you create a new project, the private key is stored inside the project folder and the public one is added to the container.
If you want to connect to container you need to know the port where SSH is redirected (this is assigned automatically by docker) and you should use the key that is in the appconfig_* subfolder of your Visual Studio project (named id_rsa).