Torizon serial communication issue while adding Colibri imx7d target to VS Code

I was setting up the Visual Studio Code on linux Host machine as per the following link

The setup was complete with no errors.

But while adding the colibri im7d module with torizon OS, the target gets added to the Devices with the following error

*Error running command torizon.openSSHTerminal: connect ECONNREFUSED This is likely caused by the extension that contributes torizon.openSSHTerminal.*

The Torizon IDE backend Terminal shows up following:-

*INFO:root:REST -> /api/version     
INFO:root:REST <- /api/version - 200     
INFO:root:REST -> /api/devices     
INFO:root:REST <- /api/devices - 200     
INFO:root:REST -> /api/devices/serial_detect     
INFO:root:DETECT - Trying to detect device on port /dev/ttyUSB0.     
WARNING:root: DETECT - Login successful.     
INFO:root:DETECT - colibri-imx7 detected             
WARNING:root: Can't solve hostname saving address used for detection instead.*

 and the output terminal shows the following:-

*Device successfully detected..        
Device has been rebooted, it will take around one minute before it will be reconnected.*

The target remains inaccessible as shown below:-
alt text

How can i resolve this issue? Kindly Help

Thanx in advance

Greetings @ansh,

I’m unable to recreate this exact error from my end. Are you adding the device connection via serial or network? It’s hard to tell from your terminal output since it references serial ports and ip addresses. Also it seems the device does appear under the “DEVICES” menu, however what happens when you “Click refresh to connect to devices and load information”. Does it actually load the device information?

I’m curious since there’s conflicting info in your terminal messages whether the connection was successful or not. It might just be a false negative and the device actually connected properly but an error messages was mistakenly given for some reason.

Best Regards,


Once I installed the VS Code and all its prerequisites. I tried connecting my target using serial communication.
During serial communication firstly my connection was denied because access to /dev/ttyUSB0 required root privileges. Hence I added my user to the dialout group using sudo usermod -a -G dialout and gave it read write permission using chmod a+rw /dev/tty/USB0.
After this, I was able to connect to my target using serial communication.
Now the target adds up to the devices list as shown below
alt text

alt text

But when I click on the refresh to connect and load information link I get the following error

alt text

The same thing reflects in the Torizon IDE backend terminal

2020-04-30 11:39:12,438| ERROR | Could not resolve IP address for colibri-imx7-02997405, aborting!
ERROR:sshtunnel.SSHTunnelForwarder:Could not resolve IP address for colibri-imx7-02997405, aborting!
ERROR:root:Error: 539 SSH tunnel error. SSH tunnel error: Could not establish session to SSH gateway
ERROR:root:Exception: SSH tunnel error: Could not establish session to SSH gateway
ERROR:root:Could not establish session to SSH gateway
INFO:root:REST ← /api/devices/02997405/images - 539

Any way out to resolve this issue.

Ok this issue I was able to recreate on my end, seems to be an error with the extension itself. I’ll report this and see if we can get a fix going.

In the meantime can you instead connect to the device via network? On my setup there was no errors with this.

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I tried the network connection for connecting the target it works fine and I am able to access it.

Also, I tried the other way out as mentioned by Valter.
I connected using the serial port as posted above. I got the same error.
By connecting the ethernet cable and by editing the correct hostname/ IP address in the info tab, I am able to connect and access my target by refreshing the above error link.

Thanx for helping

Glad we were able to resolve your issue.

Devices can be detected via serial l, but you need a network connection to work with them in vscode. If you click on the device node you should see it’s properties in the properties pane. There you can edit the hostname. Try to replace it with the device own up address or add “.local” suffix to it.
It seems that your local network does not resolve hostnames.
Can you ping the device using hostname? Is it connected via crossed cable to your PC?