Torizon roadmap and development environment

Hello, I am currently investigating Torizon ecosystem on our Apalis imx6 based custom board. Until now, I am using Openembedded from Apalis but I’d like to switch to Torizon in the future given the OTA and some other interesting features missing in OE.
I have followed the tutorial for Visual Studio successfully. I have a few questions, though.

  1. Will Toradex provide an Eclipse based tutorial on how to run and debug C/C++ (or even better, any Makefile based project) in Torizon?
  2. How can I develop QT C++ user interfaces to be deployed in Torizon? Are you willing to provide some documentation on how to use perhaps VS2019+QT Creator to build and deploy an helloworld QT application? I have followed the QT Python tutorial but that was in VIM, not very useful for complex applications though. I have read the VSCode Python but still is missing some WYSIWYG editor as far as I can tell;
  3. Do you have a roadmap with tentative schedule for such plugins and/or other features (OTA)?

Greetings @hyperion,

Let me go through your questions with what information we currently have.

  1. This is currently not in our plan for the Torizon developer ecosystem. Though this has been asked before by others including you so we may come out an Eclipse based tutorial. For the time being what might provide a start would be to look into Debian Eclipse projects as well as Docker Eclipse projects. This might provide some direction as to how one might create an eclipse project targeting Torizon. Since Torizon containers provided by us are Debian based, so if one can figure out how to create an Eclipse project for a Debian platform then the only logic missing would be to containerize the application.
  2. Have you already taken a look at the Torizon VS extension? ( This extension is still in development with having features added. Like above with Eclipse, there is Qt and VS integrations out there the only part missing is the containerization of the application. The current Torizon extension does do this though but it’s for a generic C/C++ application so perhaps this may already be good enough to start.
  3. Please view the product page for Torizon for our current roadmap:

If possible do you mind sharing what projects/plans you or your company have for Torizon and what we (Toradex) could do to make it easier to execute this on Torizon?

Best Regards,