Torizon roadmap 5.2.0


I found this page Embedded Linux Release Matrix | Toradex Developer Center which explains the current and past BSP details.

Is there any similar page which describes the details for future releases? I want to know what would be the target Linux Kernel version for the 5.2.0 BSP which is plan for next year April?.


Greetings @gauravks,

The answer to this question depends on which module of ours you’re talking about. Since you tagged the question with Verdin I assume you’re talking about the Verdin i.MX8MM but please correct me if I’m wrong.

So for the Verdin and all of the newer i.MX8* platforms we are at the mercy of the NXP downstream kernel. Therefore for these platforms we can’t accurately project too far in advance because it depends on NXP’s own kernel release plans. Then we also have to account for time to integrate their kernel releases into our own.

Unfortunately this isn’t exactly a satisfactory answer but it’s the only practical one I can give.

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Hi Jeremias,

Thanks for the quick response as always.

Yes I do understand the fact that Toradex has to wait for the NXP to get the next version. I went to the NXP release road map as well and didn’t find anything useful their so only wanted to check with you if there was some information which you might share.


I’m glad you understand. Apologies for not being able to provide a more precise answer.