Torizon reboots on connection to Visual Studio

I have been working with Torizon for a few weeks and the application development using Visual Studio. All has been working well and launching and running in a container. After development yesterday I shutdown the iMX6 Apalis module I was using to resume today. I logged into the Torizon Devices as I normally do via the Torizon Devices tab in VS 2019, as an SSH tunnel, which usually works. Today, however, the same IP, same everything, it causes the module to reboot, as shown below as a log on the console port. I can connect via a separate SSH tunnel just fine, but now any VS connection causes this reset. Any ideas?

apalis-imx6-10645295:~$ logout
[ 157.887837] watchdog: watchdog0: watchdog did not stop!
[ 158.193192] imx2-wdt 20bc000.wdog: Device shutdown: Expect reboot!
[ 158.199513] reboot: Restarting system

Industrial temperature grade DDR3 timings.
Trying to boot from MMC1

U-Boot 2019.07-4.0.0-devel+git.b90d461f8277 (Jan 01 1970 - 00:00:00 +0000)

Greetings @john.lusher,

Just to clarify the phenomenon you’re experiencing is that when you connect a device to Visual Studio via our Torizon extension the device will reboot after connecting, correct?

Whenever you connect a device to our extension initially it is expected the device will reboot as noted by the “attention” foot-note here: Build and Run your First C Application

Or are you experiencing something different than this?

Best Regards,

Yes, that appears to be it exactly. I hadn’t noticed the reset until today, and it just seemed odd. It is working as expected now. Earlier it wasn’t seeing the board and I think that this was combined with Windows being Windows, but thought the two were related.
Thanks for the help!

You are welcome. Thanks for your feedback.