Torizon offline installer

After watching the webinar today on Torizon, I thought I would try it out. However the Toradex Easy Installer page says “Torizon is currently only available for installation through the Toradex Easy Installer online feeds.” Unfortunately my company policy blocks machines not connecting through their GUI based firewall, is there a plan to release binary versions of this OS sometime?



Greetings @dshaffer,

We have taken your question into consideration and are considering internally to provide offline installer packages of Torizon like we do our other OS. In the meantime for your convenience here is an installer package for imx7 you can use:

Also here’s a way you can get the offline installers yourself. Since the Toradex Easy Installer feed is an HTTP feed, you can download all components of an image directly to your media or into a directory in your PC and then compress it. To do it, head over to and find the image you are looking for. Add the image name and “/image.json” to the end of the URL (or image-emmc.json, image-rawnand.json for iMX7 images) so you end up with something like:…-Tezi_1.0b1.158/image-emmc.json. This json points to all the files you need. Begin to scrape the json for downloadable files, for instance: uEnv-sd.txt,,, marketing.tar, toradexlinux.png, torizon-core-docker-colibri-imx7-20190423053341.bootfs.tar.xz, torizon-core-docker-colibri-imx7-20190423053341.rootfs.ota.tar.xz, u-boot.imx-sd and download each one of these files with wget, changing the root URL to include the filename, for instance if an image is named “trial-image” and its json points to files image-pic.png and image-rootfs.tar.xz, download them with “wget && wget”. Also remember to download the image.json file (in the same way). Save all these files to a folder and copy this folder to a removable drive. Load Toradex Easy Installer on a device and insert the drive into it. The image should appear as an installable image.

Note: If the json is not named “image.json” (this happens to the iMX7 images), rename it to “image.json” after downloading.

I hope these solutions work for you in the meantime

Best Regards,

Thank you, that is very helpful.

You’re welcome!