Torizon IDE task failing

I have created a .net Avalonia application which uses additional .net projects.
my current project file structure is:
-component project1
-component project2
-main project
-main project files

I have the 2 component projects referenced in the main project and this compiles and runs in debug.
My problem is when i try to run the task to create a release build.

The task returns errors saying is cannot find the component projects.

Any ideas what i’m doing wrong?

Hi @ObiTwo,

Thanks for reaching out.

Can you send the full error message here?

Best Regards

Hi Kevin,
The task is trying to run

ERROR [nemoavl build 4/4] RUN dotnet restore && dotnet publish -c Release -r linux-arm64 --no-self-contained

This then returns a line for each referenced project . e.g. (there are mutiple projects)

4.033 Determining projects to restore…
4.054 Skipping project “/cctalklib/cctalklib.csproj” because it was not found.

This is followed by warnings

49.82 /usr/share/dotnet/sdk/6.0.418/Microsoft.Common.CurrentVersion.targets(2066,5): warning : The referenced project ‘…/cctalklib/cctalklib.csproj’ does not exist. [/build/nemo.csproj]

and finally
failed to solve: process “/bin/sh -c dotnet restore && dotnet publish -c Release -r linux-${IMAGE_ARCH} --no-self-contained” did not complete successfully: exit code: 1

i do have the projects referenced in the .csproj

If I run debug for Torizon ARMv8 it compiles everything and runs on the target device.

Hi @ObiTwo ,

Thanks for the log.

I see. So what mode are you running it in when you see the error?

EDIT: What version of the Torizon Extension and VS Code are you using?

Best Regards

Hi Kevin,
The error occurs when it try to run the task “run-container-torizon-release-arm64”
I am using vs code version 1.86.1.
and Torizon IDE extension v2.4.0.

Hi @ObiTwo ,

Sorry for the late answer, I was out of office.

Can you share your settings.json file?

Best Regards

Hi Kevin, as requested.

“torizon_psswd”: “******”,
“torizon_login”: “torizon”,
“torizon_ip”: “”,
“host_ip”: “”,
“torizon_workspace”: “${workspaceFolder}”,
“torizon_debug_port”: “”,
“torizon_debug_ssh_port”: “2223”,
“torizon_debug_port2”: “”,
“torizon_debug_port3”: “”,
“torizon_gpu”: “-vivante”,
“torizon_arch”: “aarch64”,
“wait_sync”: “1”,
“torizon_run_as”: “torizon”,
“torizon_app_root”: “/home/torizon”,
“tcb.packageName”: “nemo”,
“tcb.version”: “3.8.1”,
“omnisharp.useModernNet”: true,
“dotnet.server.useOmnisharp”: true,
“docker.environment”: {
“DOCKER_HOST”: “tcp://”

Hi @ObiTwo!

Please compare the Dockerfile used for debug with the Dockerfile used for release.

Dockerfile for debug: vscode-torizon-templates/dotnetAvalonia/Dockerfile.debug at dev · toradex/vscode-torizon-templates · GitHub

Dockerfile for release: vscode-torizon-templates/dotnetAvalonia/Dockerfile at dev · toradex/vscode-torizon-templates · GitHub

You can even launch the containers manually to debug what might’ve happening on them.

Please let us know how it goes.

Best regards,