Torizon IDE Extension: multiple tcb.remoteHost

I use Torizon Core Builder project with Torizon IDE Extension, and I see that I can set

  • tcb.remoteHost
  • tcb.remoteUserName
  • tcb.remotePassword

in settings.json

I set them to point to my custom registry container andeverything works as expected.
Now I would like having a way to specify multiple tcb.remoteHost because I need to add some other docker containers hosted on dockerhub.
Otherwise I need to host a fork of these containers on my container registry.
Is there a way to do this?

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The Torizon IDE extension and TorizonCore Builder are designed to streamline the development process on Toradex devices, offering a seamless way to manage containers, images, and deployments directly from your development environment. However, the current implementation of the Torizon IDE extension settings, specifically tcb.remoteHost, tcb.remoteUserName, and tcb.remotePassword in the settings.json file, is intended to configure a single default device or container registry for operations.

To work with multiple Docker containers hosted on different registries (such as Docker Hub or a custom registry), you would typically manage these containers through Docker commands or scripts outside the direct IDE extension settings. This means that while you can set a single tcb.remoteHost as the default target for deployments and debugging, working with additional containers from other hosts would involve manually pulling these containers into your development environment or device and managing them through Docker CLI commands or scripts.

For your specific requirement to work with multiple docker containers hosted on Docker Hub alongside your custom registry, you would need to manually pull these images from Docker Hub to your local development environment or directly to your Toradex device. Then, you can work with these images just as you would with images from your custom registry. This approach does not require hosting a fork of these containers on your container registry but does involve an additional step of manually managing the images from different sources.

In summary, while the Torizon IDE extension does not currently support specifying multiple tcb.remoteHost configurations directly in the settings.json for simultaneous use, you can achieve your goal by combining the use of the IDE extension for your primary device or registry with manual Docker image management for additional sources.

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Hello @vix,

The tcb.remoteHost, tcb.remoteUserName and tcb.remotePassword settings are actually used to specify the Torizon device that will be used on certain TorizonCore builder commands.
It is not intended to be used to specify a docker registry.
You can see an example of the usage of these properties in the following page: Capturing Changes in the Configuration of a Board on Torizon OS | Toradex Developer Center

To specify a custom registry, you can simply set the image field on each service on the docker-compose files.
It supports different services in different Docker registries.

The following page shows how to use the most popular private registry services: Using Private Registries With the Torizon Cloud | Toradex Developer Center

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