Torizon extension not able to access

Currently using the Verdin SOM iMX8Mplus with Dahlia and have the following error noted in attached log.

After pressing F5, build was initialised and error was noted by torizon extension that it could not access

I could access from chrome normally but there seems to be a problem in the extension.
log .txt (7.1 KB)

Greetings @SJ_BHD,

Looking at your logs it’s not only that can’t be accessed even the standard Debian feeds are inaccessible:

[04-15 14:44:00.200] e[91m: Failed to fetch  Temporary failure resolving '' Temporary failure resolving ''e[0m

This probably means it’s some kind of network configuration issue on your end. Either some network restriction or firewall. As for why you can access it via browser, I have an idea.

I believe you’re on a Windows machine correct?

If that is the case then Linux containers use WSL to build and run. For this WSL needs to have the necessary network access. Just because your Windows PC has access doesn’t necessarily mean your WSL has the same access.

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Hello @SJ_BHD ,
Do you have any updates on this topic?

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Reverted docker back to v4.18 and it worked.

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Thanks for the update.

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