Torizon extension failed to load in Visual Studio Code on UBUNTU


I am going through step by step guide of Torizon. I have installed latest version of visual studio code 1.46 on Ubunutu 16.04 64 bit. I have installed Toradex Torizon Support extension in it but its failed to load.
At the bottom, its showing Torizon loading.
I have got 2 errors as shown in the image2261-selection-086.png

Because of this I am not able to add device also. I am stuck there.

Pradeep Pol

Greetings @eklavya19,

I don’t believe we explicitly validated the extension for 16.04 (we’ve started with 18.04 onward). However, right now I can’t think of any reason it shouldn’t work for 16.04.

Have you set up your development machine as specified in this document?:

Also I have a couple of follow up questions:

  • What version of Docker is on your
  • Is there no other output from
    VSCode’s terminal/output pane?
  • What’s the version of the extension that was installed?

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Hi @jeremias.tx ,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I have set up the development machine as specified on given link.

Docker Version
Docker version 19.03.12, build 48a66213fe

No output on terminal pane. It is showing two errors.

  1. Terminal process terminated with exit code 255
  2. Cannot connect Toradex IDE backend process

Extension version 1.0.0

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Pradeep Pol

Hi @eklavya19,

Thank you for the information. Allow me some time to look into this issue.

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It seems that the extension can’t start the backend process (we have a server that exposes a REST-based API used by the different extensions).
You ca try to run it manually to collect more information about the issue:

cd $HOME/.vscode/extensions/toradex.torizon-1.0.0/moses-linux

If you can try this and post the output you get, that may help us understand the issue.

Hi @valter.tx ,

Thanks for the reply.


Current glibc version

Seems like it required GLIBC2.25. What can be done?

Pradeep Pol

Hi @valter.tx ,

Currently We are using Colibri iMX7 with Linux.

If I update to 18.04, my current Toradex Toolchain & environment (SDKs etc) will work as it is or I need to build the enivronment again?

Pradeep Pol

When you say toolchain/sdk are you saying that you’ve built a custom toolchain/sdk for Torizon specifically? Using yocto? Or are these toolchains/sdks for our non-Torizon BSP?

Either way while I can’t guarantee everything will work again as is after a distribution upgrade, I don’t think there would be major issues. In any case your build setup shouldn’t be affected heavily so a rebuild wouldn’t take too long, if you’ve already done a build.

Best Regards,

Hi all,

I have upgraded the system to Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS and now everything is working fine including Visual Studio Code Torizon Extension and Non-Torizon BSP setup.

Thanks for the support.

Best Regards,
Pradeep Pol

Glad to hear you’ve resolved this issue.

It seems that your system provides an old version of glibc that is not up-to-date enough for the backend runtime.
You may try the “trick” suggested here:
and set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH when you start visual studio code, but I suspect that this may lead to other issues.
An alternative would be updating your system to 18.04 or use a Virtual Machine.