Torizon docker .net core file-system performance


I have an Apalis iMX6 board (2GB) running TorizonCore 1.0b1.158. My application is is based on C#/.net core (packaged in a container). It’s a web application with web UI.
I am noticing a performance issue when loading the sqlite based configuration file (size 32kb). It takes few seconds to load.

I am running the same application (ainside docker) on raspbian / Raspberry-PI 3b and I don’t have the performance issues there.
Any suggestions?


Hi @dovz11,

I’m going to need some additional information here to understand your scenario.

Is the configuration file part of the container file system? Or is it on the Torizon file system and then being bind-mounted inthe container?

Is the “docker run” command you use to start the container the same on Torizon vs the raspberry pi?

What is your “docker run” command?

Best Regards,

Hi @jeremias.tx

The configuration file (an SQLite file) is is on a local host folder which in mounted into the container during the docker run command

The docker used on the Raspberry Pi as well as the rest of the binaries and configuration is indentical to the one on the Tortizon/Aplias-iMX6

My docker command looks as followed:

sudo docker run --rm -it $detachedmode --network host -e DEVICE_NAME="${DEVICE_NAME}"  ….. --name aegatewaycontainer -v /aedata:/data -v /mnt:/data_usb aegateway:1.5.1


The database is on /data or /data_usb?
Is that the only file you access or you noticed performance issues accessing also other files?

The issue was on our side and can be closed.

Glad to hear it worked out, thanks for letting us know.