Torizon Device list not updated


I follwed the instructions to build the first C-Apllication for torizon

I got stuck on module 4 (“Deploying remote updates with torizon OTA”) on Step 5: Adding the device to the device list.

After entering the credentials It detects the device - device does reboot.

But then the Torizon-Devices window still says “Can’t connect to device” …

I did disable the F-Secure, incase the moses.exe was blocked - no success. ( I hope IT doesn’t catch me :slight_smile: )

Any other suggestions?

Sorry, please ignore this post.

I did stop the laptop at night. This morning I did not start the Docker Desktop.
After starting it, it found the moses.exe and the device list is shown.

Thanks for looking into it.

Kind reagards

Glad you were able to resolve the issue.