Torizon Debian container images and systemctl

Hi community,

after reading this article, I expected systemctl availability in the Torizon Debian container images, but actually I cannot find it, at least in the versions I am using (details below).

Is it just a problem of versions or images? Which is the best way to configure services in Torizon using Debian containers?

Thank you for the help and all the best!

apalis-imx6-08503211:~$ cat /etc/os-release
NAME="TorizonCore with PREEMPT_RT"
VERSION="4.0.0-devel-202007+build.17 (zeus)"
PRETTY_NAME="TorizonCore with PREEMPT_RT 4.0.0-devel-202007+build.17 (zeus)"

apalis-imx6-08503211:~$ docker run --rm -it torizon/arm32v7-debian-dev-tools /bin/bash
root@92fb0791fe4b:/# systemctl
bash: systemctl: command not found

apalis-imx6-08503211:~$ docker run --rm -it torizon/arm32v7-debian-shell /bin/bash
root@a5cd81c52e23:/# systemctl
bash: systemctl: command not found
root@a5cd81c52e23:/# find / -name systemctl
root@96af40b92c26:/# cat /etc/os-release
PRETTY_NAME="Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)"
NAME="Debian GNU/Linux"
VERSION="10 (buster)"

apalis-imx6-08503211:~$ docker run --rm -it torizon/arm32v7-debian-base /bin/bash
root@f5c2a30a3fc2:/# systemctl
bash: systemctl: command not found

Hi @ldvp,

The article How to Autorun application at the start up in Linux is right in its essence. The thing is: the systemd engine is contained and managed in the host operating system, not in the containers.

In other words, TorizonCore has systemd, but the containers do not.

Also, the approach for handling containers is to encapsulate applications in the containers.

That said, you should not find services management systems within containers.

In this article you’ll find a base on how to configure a container to run on boot at TorizonCore.

Obs: I saw that you are running TorizonCore 4. It will be discontinued, as we are recommending that all our customers to start evaluating the TorizonCore 5.

You can check one of the latest monthly releases of it here.

Best regards,

André Curvello