Torizon Core Builder

I have the Torizon Core Builder built a custom image, based on a TorizonCore
(some changes directly in the device tree sources and adding an overlay for a touch display via the LVDS connector)
I can deploy this to a SoM using the SSH method. Everything is working fine.
Should the resulting Easyinstaller image work the same if I install it first with the EasyInstallerTool? Or do I have to upload the base image first and then update it with my custom image?

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Hello @gerko ,
Your EasyInstaller image should work well, as any of our default ones.
You just have to put the SoM in recovery mode, execute the recovery script and install your image via USB or from your own feed. You also have the option of using TorizonPlatform Services

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Hello @josep.tx ,

Should the evaluation containers be in there?
What do I have to do to have these included?

Hello @gerko,

If you want the docker containers to be still running on the module after you install the custom-built image, there are 3 ways to deploy the image:

  1. Update the module with the custom-built image using our Torizon Platform (either online or offline updates would work). You will need to push the image to the platform using torizoncore-builder platform push command.
  2. Deploy the image directly to the module via an SSH connection using torizoncore-builder deploy command: TorizonCore Builder Tool - Commands Manual | Toradex Developer Center
  3. Build the custom image with bundled containers, and deploy it either directly using Toradex Easy Installer or one of the above 2 methods.

Please let me know if this helps and if you have more questions.

Hello @gerko,

Hope you are doing well. May I know if you need more support on this topic?

Hi @rudhi.tx ,

my experience is the following:
Scenario 1:

  • I install a TC-Image with Evaluation container using the recovery method via the EasyInstaller
  • I am using this module with this image to template it in TorizonCoreBuilder using the torizoncore-builder images download method.
  • I do my changes in the TCB and deploy the new image via the SSH method on the module.

… everything works as desired and the Docker environment is present as usual

Scenario 2:
everything as in scenario 1, but:

  • I deploy the new image via Easyinstaller as fresh new Image.

As expected, I don’t have a Docker Evaluation Environment on the module. Is there a way to create a Custom Image With Evaluation Containers?

Or am I forced to always upload a ‘… with-evaluation-containers’ image first? And update this with my custom image?
This is only intended for the development phase.

Hi @gerko,

Is there a specific reason why you want to deploy the newly built custom image from easy installer?

Is there a way to create a Custom Image With Evaluation Containers?

That would be the third method I mentioned in my previous reply: Building your custom TorizonCore image bundled with your application containers using the bundle command. After that you should be able to deploy your new image using Easy Installer either by serving it from local media or from a local server. Please find more details here: Detailed Manual | Toradex Developer Center.

Hi @gerko,

Hope you are doing well!
May I ask if you’ve been able to make some progress on this topic? Is there anything else that we could help you with here?