Torizon: Cell Modem in Container or BSP image?

I’ve just added the ppp recipe and associated packages to my custom Torizon image. Now I’m in the process of working out configuration/startup files. My question:

Should I actually have just put ppp in a container? That would be simpler, and fit with the Torizon application model. However, it seems to me a containerized primary communications link would be problematic for an IoT system. A problem during remote deployment of containers could kill my link to the system.

What’s the consensus? Container or custom BSP?

Also, this minor peeve: Please put “-image” in names of BSP image recipes again!
From Build Torizon Core

Supported image targets:

  • torizon-core-docker

  • torizon-core-balena

  • torizon-core-lite

Hi @deltamike!

As you’ve already put, both solutions are viable, but I agree with your point that containerizing a critical communication link could be bad in case of any issues with remote container updates.

I don’t think there’s a consensus - maybe someone from the Torizon development team might pitch in here with some points - but I’d put the PPP support in the BSP image as you just did, that way the base system can manage the connections and survive any issues with OTA.

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