Torizon C/C++ Extension for Visual Studio 2022

I’m going through the Torizon Quickstart on the Toradex website. I’m at Build and Run your first C application (Build and Run your First C/C++ Application | Toradex Developer Center). It’s having me install the Toradex Torizon C/C++ Support Visual Studio Extension. I’m running Visual Studio 2022 and it won’t install. It seems to be limited to Visual Studio 2019. Is there a version for Visual Studio 2022?


Hi @cvboucher ,

Our extension was developed and tested for Visual Studio 2019, so unfortunately we don’t currently support Visual Studio 2022.

As the extension team is currently focusing on a newer extension for VSCode, we don’t have plans to support Visual Studio 2022 at the moment. I’d recommend using VSCode for developing newer projects using our modules.

Best regards,
Lucas Akira

Ok, thanks.