Torizon Build Adds Duplicate Entries to VS 2019 Connection Manager


  1. Follow the knowledge base article and create a Torizon application.
  2. Build the application and notice an entry appears in the VS Cross Platform / Connection Manager.
  3. Rebuild, and notice the same entry appears once again.
  4. After several hours of working, you’ll have a ridiculous number of duplicates.

(Tried to add image to show result, but image upload fails with a message about failing to parse the file.)

Greetings @MikeGranby,

This could certainly be a bug on our end or a miscommunication with our VS and our extension. Could you share what version of the extension and VS you are using? I’ll perform some tests on my end to reproduce and see if I can find out more details. If there’s a legitimate bug I’ll report this to our extension team for fixing in future versions.

As a side note for sharing an image it actually usually works better to use the “attach a file” option rather than “attach an image”. So if you could try and share the image again it would certainly help me give an idea of what I should be trying to see on my end.