Torizon - Apalis iMX6: Using LVDS

Hi team,

I’m trying to use an LVDS screen with Torizon but by setting in Uboot the commands that work in standard Yocto Linux
( setenv vidargs "video=mxcfb0:dev=ldb video=mxcfb1:off video=mxcfb2:off video=mxcfb3:off fbmem=512M") I get a completely black screen. I’m using our own 10.1" LVDS display. Do I have to enable something else? Is there any documentation for this? (Our display documentation doesn’t have any info specific to the LVDS 10.1" screen or Torizon).

BTW, where are the HW definitions used for TorizonCore? (DTS, etc.) I’m not sure what it is used in this.

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Hi @alvaro.tx,

You are correct the traditional way of configuring display settings does not work with Torizon, in it’s place we have opted to used Device Tree Overlays:

This containerized overlay tool has built in overlays for our off the shelf displays. For the 10.1’’ LVDS you’ll need 3 overlays.

  • enable_lvds_display_apalis_imx6.dts (to enable to LVDS subsystem)
  • display_10.1_lvds_cap_touch.dts (provide timings for 10.1’’ display)
  • touch_cap_colibri_imx6_evb.dts (optional but enables capacitive touch feature for this display)

As a small side note you’ll probably need to be running the latest Torizon, which can be gotten off of our CI feeds using Toradex Easy Installer.

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Thanks @jeremias.tx ! I was aware of the DTO but not that this also needed it. Noted, where can I find all the available DTO for the boards?

I also had to update my Torizon build to the latest one from our CI. Maybe we could update our standard feeds version?

EDIT: I believe it is here, correct?

Yes that should be the correct repository. This gets included in the overlay container during container build time.

Yes the Torizon on the standard feeds is a touch out of date. A more up to date stable release should be available with the next big stable release of Torizon which will be based on Yocto Zeus release.