Torizon and Bluetooth

wanted to know if bluetooth is supported under torizon. i tried search for explicit articles about this on the developer page but havent found anything.

Hi @nkj !

Unfortunately we don’t have articles about Bluetooth specifically for TorizonCore. But soon we will release one with usage example.

But you can reference the Bluetooth (Linux) | Toradex Developer Center article to get started.

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hi @henrique.tx ,
is there any updates about this?
I have a Telit Bluemod+S50 connected via UART with the SoM but I can’t see it under the device list. Does the bluetooth stack scan automatically for BLE device over UART or do I need to change some configuration? some post online are mentioning the service hciuart but it doesn’t seem to be present in Torizon

Hi @RoccoBr ,

did you discover already hciattach?

This tools seems to be for these kind of situations.

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hi @kevin.tx I contacted Telit support and they told me that the BlueMod chip is a standalone module, it only supports AT interface

Ok since its an UART AT command module it will nor show up as an device.
You have to send command to it via the UART following the AT command set of the module.

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Hello @RoccoBr ,
Were you able to solve your issue with the info provided by @matthias.tx?
If so, could you please mark his answer as solution?

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