Torizon 5.0 build is not installing a driver

Hi, all!

So, for development I had been using Torizon 4.0 but as our release gets closer, I had to test Torizon 5.0 out. Long story short, my workflow is not working anymore.

In order to build the 4.0 image, I followed the Build Torizoncore with Yocto article, and after running bitbake torizon-core-docker I added another extra layer for a kernel driver I need. So, I went to the layers directory, created a new directory with the needed files (layer is found at: After adding the layer, I added the layer to the bblayers.conf file in the BUILD directory by adding:

$ {OEROOT}/layers/meta-silead \

After adding the layer to the conf file, I ran bitbake sld-mod.

Finally, to install the module I added IMAGE_INSTALL_append=sld-mod to the local.conf file to run bitbake torizon-core-docker once again.

After the whole process, followed by blacklisting the silead driver by adding a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf file , and creating another one to enable the driver at boot in /etc/modules-load.d/gslx680.confI was able to use the driver as intended. However, if I use the same workflow for Torizon 5.0, I am not getting the same result.

Do I have to use the bitbake add-layer instruction in Torizon 5.0 to create the layer structure? Is it related to the git commit requirement? I am pretty sure I did that but still did not get the driver to work.

Thanks in advance!


Greetings @jaimeibk,

Could you elaborate what result you do get with Torizon 5.0? How exactly does the process not work for you?

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Hi, @jeremias.tx !

I am not getting the driver at all. When I ran dmesg | gsl I got information on the driver. Besides that, the driver worked as expected.

Now I am not getting anything any output when running dmesg.



But there was no error with the build correct?

Can you check if the driver is even on the system anywhere? Either lsmod or try to modprobe it manually.

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Ah okay, no worries. Glad you were able to resolve this.

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HI, @jeremias.tx

The driver was well compiled after running bitbake sld-mod (the name of my driver) and generated a .ko inside the tmp directory in BUILD but was not installing correctly, thus it was nowhere to be found on the system.

So, I ran again the whole process and got everything back online. My main issue was the version control. While I initialized the git project on the driver directory, and ran an initial commit, I was forgetting about adding all the files and committing all. So, ostree was complaining about that and I did not pay enough attention.

Thanks a lot!