Toradex T20 WinCE IDE support


Currently I am facing some issue with my WinCE IDE to compile the embeeded source code which is for Toradex Colibri T20, here the target device is not showing, I am using Windows Visual Studio 2008 IDE for the mentioned interface, due to my system got curropted, I was forced to install new OS and after installing new OS the IDE is not configuring due to the target device, last time I also faced the same issue but I get the supporting file to add the target device from Toradex wepsite only, but currently I forgot where to download that supporting file, please help me to download that supporting file, here I am attaching the screen shot of the issue I am facing.

Thanks & Regards

Hi @AjeetT20,
Please follow this article for setting up developement environment for WinCE and Visual Studio .

Hello Sahil,

Thank you for your reply, I got the supporting file here only, I tried and found the file, now it’s working file, thanks a lot.