Toradex mono apalis T30 linux


I just got 2 pices of Apalis T30 on the Ixora board, we are making some test. Normally our base code is in .net but we would like to run on linux using mono. Any experience? would be a valid setup for actual product regarding maturity. My other options is go to Windows Embedded but I have bad experiences trying to port Windows Framework stuff into compact framework. Any adrices would be appreciated.



Hi Oscar,

Yes, Mono is a viable choice on Linux. We have some customers using it in their products. Mono is available in our package feeds, so it can be installed quite easily using opkg:

opkg update
opkg install mono

A short example of using Mono can be found in our documentation for using the Azure IoT C# device libraries with our Linux images.

Also note that .NET core is now open source with Linux ports of the C# compiler in progress, see .NET Core at Github.

if you want to include mono to your image, perform the following steps:

  1. Clone meta-mono layer:
    git clone git://
  2. Add meta-mono layer to bblayer.conf:
    BASELAYERS ?= "\
    • ${TOPDIR}/…/stuff/meta-mono \
  3. bitbake -k core-image-mono

Step 3 builds an image on “core-image-sato” base. If you want to change this, edit …/stuff/meta-mono/recipes-mono/images/ E.g:
require recipes/images/

If you want to use a specific mono version edit …/stuff/meta-mono/recipes-mono/conf/layer.conf:
PREFERRED_VERSION_mono ?= “4.x.x.x”
PREFERRED_VERSION_mono-native ?= “4.x.x.x”