Toradex LVDS 10in display settings

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I have 10"in LVDS screen in my project and I would like to be able to adjust some settings. I was looking on the web, but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for.

I want to control properties of the display like Brightness, Contrast, Color settings and etc.

I have iMX8QM on Ixora Career Board v1.2.
I have custom image built by Torizon Core 5.7.2

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Hi @alex.tx ,

Thanks for the link, but I think it is not mentioned here. It was mentioned on a liked page how to write a custom overlay file, but not mentioned how they should be.
On web I found out that echo <value between 0 and 7> > /sys/class/backlight/backlight/brightness can adjust the brightness.
but I am still missing how I can modify: Color Temperature, Sharpness, Saturation, Contrast.

Any help would be appreciated.


Unfortunately, the Toradex LVDS 10-inch display does not have hardware capabilities to adjust color temperature, sharpness, saturation, or contrast. The only parameter you can control is the backlight brightness.

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Hello @hajili,

Features like Color Temperature, Sharpness, Saturation, Contrast. are not features of embedded display these features are normally done via software on the graphics stack. Embedded Dispaly is just taking in the raw pixel data and showing them one-to-one. it not like a computer display or HDMI monitor which has an image processor inside.

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Matthias Gohlke

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Thank you all for the replies.

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