Toradex easy Installer USB OTG list of images not appearing


I currently using Toradex Easy Installer through USB OTG, but Im not able to see the list of images from the toradex server. I can see the USB RNDIS and Ethernet connection (IP address).

Could you use serial debug console and issue “traceroute” command ? Then collect its output and share it there.

Hi Alex,

Here’s the output of the issue command “traceroute

. Thank you.

Please request that your IT personnel check the NAT/Firewall settings and enable access to

Thank you, Alex. One more thing, even though I can see Toradex Easy Installer on the device. I get this “Downloading Troadex Easy Installer Failed…”, the message is this normal? Thank you.

If the Toradex Easy Installer GUI started succefuly you can ignore that message.

Hi Alex,

Toradex Easy Installer GUI starts successfully after that message. I was just wondering why the message would say failed and not successful like in the image below from

Thank you