Toradex Easy installer issue with iMX6DL 512MB v1.1A SOM

Dear Sir,

We are facing the issue with iMX6DL 512MB V1.1A SOM with Viola Plus v1.2B Carrier board.
Board is unable to boot into recovery mode. When I am running the recovery script, I am getting “No matching usb found”.

On the same hardware, I am able to boot into recovery mode and am able to access the easy installer on iMX7 256MB, 512MB, 1GB SOMs.

I tried to use both Easy Installer v1.8 and v2.0 but getting the same error.
I have to use the Colibri Evaluation board to boot iMX6DL SOM into recovery mode and install OS but this will be problematic on production level as they don’t have an evaluation board but only Viola Plus Carrier Board.

Kindly help.

Pradeep Pol

How exactly are you going about entering the recovery mode? Note that the Colibri iMX6 requires either software method or shortening pads on the module.


I always use shorting method for all the modules. Here also I am using the same.
White screen appears on display but when I run the receovery script, it gives error that no matching usb found.

Pradeep Pol

Are you sure about your Viola Plus being V1.1B? As we only ever shipped Viola Plus starting with V1.2A.

Anyway, for me both version 1.8 and latest 2.0 nightly of the Toradex Easy Installer work just fine.

How exactly are you powering your Viola?

Anything connected to it apart from the micro USB?


Sorry it was typos, Board version is 1.2B.
We are using 5v 2.5A.
We have connected Ethernet Cable, Display.
In same set up, iMX7 1GB Som works fine.

Pradeep Pol

Hi @eklavya19

We have tested it from our side and not able to reproduce the looks like pin shorting is not properly doing.
recovery mode