Toradex Easy Installer for Colibri VF61

Do you have plans to release Toradex Easy Installer for Colibri VF61 modules?

Currently we have no plans to implement Toradex Easy Installer for Colibri VFxx modules.

Is there any techinical reason for this?
Or is it only a matter of “quite old” architecture (not widely used by customers)?

The main reason is that we already ship the product with WinCE, changing the production to ship with Toradex Easy Installer preinstalled would disrupt current customers production flows…

And yes, the other reason is that it is a bit an older platform…

That said, it should be rather straight forward to build a Toradex Easy Installer for Colibri VFxx, so we might reconsider if there is request for it… For what use cases would you like to have Toradex Easy Installer on Colibri VF61?

I agree that shippign VF61 modules with Easy Installer and not WinCE wouldn’t be a good idea for customers.

Even if Toradex develops Easy Installer for VF61 module, I suggest to ship the modules with WinCE (as it is now).

I’m interested in Easy Installer because it seems an easy way to load Partner Demo Images (especially to evaluate Boot to Qt).

But I see that (at the moment) Boot to Qt image is not available for VF61 and maybe it could be useful too.

I’ve just found that Boot to Qt seems to be available for Toradex Colibri VF61 too.

If this is the case, being able to have it inside Toradex Easy Installer could be helpful.

But this is not a high priority task (from my side).