Toradex Easy Installer Error Installing WEC 2013 Image with USB

Hey guys

I was trying to install a older version of the WEC 2013, but I couldn’t find it on the TEZI online.

So I downloaded it on the USB and inserted while in the TEZI menu.

I installed it but It didn’t work. It frozes in the bootloader

I need a older version of the WEC because the touchscreen that I’ve been using doesn’t support the newer versions.

I tried to use many versions with the USB, but none of them works

I really need this to work


Could you please provide more details?

  • What is a HW version of your Apalis iMX6 module?

  • What was a WEC2013 version on your module initially?

  • Which exactly “older version” you downloaded?

  • Please enter bootloader CommandPrompt Mode as described here and do

    dbg.serial 1
    save dbg

Then cupture boot log and post here