Toradex Easy Installer doesn't see USB stick


we are trying to flash our custom image with Toradex Easy Installer. We’ve put it to a USB stick (FAT32) and started the Toradex Easy Installer, but it doesn’t see any images. The original image from Toradex is also not to see on the stick, so probably it has problems with reading the USB stick.
Could you please advice how the stick should be formatted? Or may be it should be prepared for the image in a special way?

Thank you in advance!

What exact hardware and software versions of things are you talking about? If you have a serial debug terminal connected to the target what does e.g. lsusb report? If unplugging and re-plugging the stick is there anything dmesg reports? Could you by any chance try another make/model USB stick or even an micro-SD card instead?

Thank you for your reply, we have found the solution. The image shouldn’t be archived, it should be stored as a complete directory, so it works without any problems with any USB stick.

You are very welcome. Thanks for letting us know.