Toradex Easy Installer different uEnv size


we use an u-boot environment with a different size ( 12 * 1024 instead of 8 * 1024).
So the installer failed to write the env via the fw_setenv tool, because the supplied doesn’t match:

Running Command:  "/usr/bin/fw_setenv" ("--config", "/etc/fw_env.config", "--script", "/var/volatile/")
Output: "Cannot read environment, using default\nError storing the env\n"
Finished with exit code: 244
Error: "Error setting U-Boot environment\nCannot read environment, using default\nError storing the env\n"
No error script found

A solution could be to set the different size in the image.json.

best regards, jonas

Hello @jonas-licht,
The size of the u-boot environment is setup on the configuration file that’s passed as an argument to the fw_setenv call. In the current version of Toradex Easy Installer it is not possible to pass a custom configuration file to fw_setenv.
You could use the wrapup_script to write your custom sized environment by setting your configuration file and then calling fw_setenv manually.

Best regards,
Rafael Beims