Toradex CE libraries to read SoC temperature

From Colibri VFxx datasheet, section 5.18

The Vybrid SoC has two independent analogue-to-digital converters internally. Each of these
converters is multiplexed to up to 10 external signal pads. Additionally, the converters can be
multiplexed to measuring the internal temperature sensor, the DAC outputs or the reference

I don’t understand how I can use Toradex CE libraries to read SoC temperature.
Reading the help for Adc_SetConfigInt() it seems that I can only set the GPIO to be used as ADC pin, but I think SoC temperature (and reference voltage) are internal signals and not GPIO pins.

I see there is an example in th KB but I see it uses the standard IOCTL_xxxx Windows approach which is quite low-level. Moreover I cut-and-paste the demo code but I can’t compile with the error “cannot find IOctrl.h”

Our libraries current do not support reading temperature from SoC.

You will have to use IOCTLs to read temperature. You can also replace IOCtl.h with winioctl.h that is included in our SDK.

OK; I understand. Maybe you can consider mine as a suggestion for a future improvement.
In the meanwhile, could you modify the example in the KB so that it can be recompiled without errors (replacing IOCtrl.h with winioctrl.h)?

I updated the documentation. It should be on-line in few hours.