Toradex Carrier Board file in OrCAD format

Is it possible to get the Toradex Carrier Board design files in ORCAD format?

Toradex does not provide yet an OrCAD version of the carrier board design data.

It has happened in the past that customers requested this format and we have exported the files for them.

Since we don’t use OrCAD in our company, we could not check the quality of the exported files.

The customer needs therefore to carefully check the content for errors.

I would like to download the Apalis boards in ASCII format as well for OrCAD import; however, there doesn’t seem to be a link above. "Click here to download zip file " is just text and not a link

As per the migration guide (Migrating from Altium to OrCAD PCB Designer), it is possible to import Altium project to ORCAD using ASCII format. For more details, please refer to the Migration Guide PDF available in the zip files:
Following links can be used to download the exported files:

    1. Colibri Carrier Boards
- Aster Carrier Board V1.1: [Click here to download zip file][1]
- Viola Carrier Board V1.2: [Click here to download zip file][2]
- Colibri Evaluation Board V3.2: [Click here to download zip file][3]
    2. Apalis Carrier Boards
- Apalis Evaluation Board V1.1: [Click here to download zip file][4]
- Ixora Carrier Board V1.1: [Click here to download zip file][5]

Please note that :
Since we don't use ORCAD, we cannot verify the exported data. Please note that Toradex is not responsible for any issues with these exported files (any error or compatibility issues).

Please @mhinz, check in this post.


OrCAD may work. I will see if that is an option for Eagle. I also provided the version (9.5.2) to Alexander over email.

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