Third-Party Firewall on win ce


I need to install a Third-Party Firewall on win ce because my device don’t have a default firewall.
The reason for this requirement is that I need to disable NetBIOS because it collapse my LAN.

Thank you!!

Dear @msolijen

What kind of problem are you facing when you try to do this?

Regards, Andy

Hi Andy,
The problem is that the device collapse my Lan with NBNS requests.
I dont know why
Thank you

Dear @msolijen,

Option #1:
If you want to remove NetBIOS component permanently on the device, you need to build a custom image with removing “SYSGEN_SMB_FILE and SYSGEN_SMB_UI” components, please use Vybrid winCE BSP and workspace to do that.

Option #2:
Please refer MSDN Windows Embedded Compact Platform forum for more information related NetBIOS discussion.

This would be more relevant to your topic.

Option #3:
Please try this quick approach, I didn’t test this. Please remove following registry using regedit (Start → Programs → ColibriTools–>RegEdit) tool and verify your issue is solved and let us know your feedback.